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Friday, January 14, 2011

In the Moment

Happy New Year, everyone! I know we’re already half way through January but my work year has only just begun. Where traditionally in previous years I would have been in full swing by now thanks to anywhere-anytime online connectivity on holiday, this year, I made it my resolution to be more present and to connect with the moment. That means be on holiday when I’m on holiday and cherish every moment of family, laughter, good food and sunshine.

This focus on connecting in the moment in my personal life and the personal change I’ve already seen, got me thinking about the potential rewards and positive change this connection brings in the business environment as well.

I’d like this blog to become a place of sharing information around that connection and I invite you to participate in the conversation, regardless of what medium of connecting and engaging you are passionate about.

My passion in business is the effective use of visuals to create this connection. In today’s environment it is imperative we engage with our audience if the intention is to get them onboard, and, that’s not going to happen with the majority of communication that is delivered in business today.

In fact, in general, when subjected to most business communication, audiences yawn and remain unmoved. This is certainly not going to get customers buying. Yet, when communication such as a presentation, is developed and delivered well through the appropriate use of visuals, it has the ability to engage and transform audiences beyond any other form of communication. That’s what gets me ticking.

Consider for example, how Al Gore’s presentation connected with his audience in that moment to such an extent that he changed perceptions around climate change. Incredible. I’d like to see more of that, and I believe in 2011 we will.

I hope in 2011 you enjoy success and happiness. I also hope it’s a year that as business people, we engage more, with the moment and with each other.

Here’s to giving it horns in every flickering 2011 moment.

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